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  • 2005
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Familia is a French-Canadian drama film from 2005 directed by Louise Archambault. The movie tells the story of a dysfunctional family and their struggles to deal with each other's differences. The main character is Michèle (Sylvie Moreau) who is a single mother and struggling actress. She lives in Montreal with her teenage daughter Gabrielle (Juliette Gosselin). Michèle's parents live in the countryside and have never accepted her lifestyle choices. Her mother, Louise (Macha Grenon), is a strict Catholic who always judges Michèle's decisions.

The story begins when Michèle gets a phone call from her mother, telling her that her father has been hospitalized. Michèle and Gabrielle go to visit and stay with the family. Michèle's sister, Janine (Mireille Deyglun), also arrives with her husband and two children. The tensions between the sisters are evident, and the family dynamics become quickly apparent.

As the family members reunite, we discover that Michèle is still suffering from a traumatic experience in her past. She is afraid of letting anyone close to her and has pushed away everyone who has tried to get too close. Despite the tension in the family, there is a profound love between the sisters, and they try to help each other deal with their own problems.

The movie shows how each member of the family deals with the challenges in their life, from Gabrielle's struggle with her sexuality, to Janine's feeling of entrapment. It also explores the impact of religion on the characters' lives, and how their beliefs and traditions shape their decisions.

The film is beautifully shot, and the acting is outstanding, with each actor embodying their character's complexities and struggles with depth and nuance. The family's journey is emotional, raw, and real, and we can't help but feel empathy for them.

Underlying the family drama is the city of Montreal itself, with its distinctly French-Canadian culture, portrayed through the streets, music, and language which adds a unique flavor to the movie.

Familia is not a happy-go-lucky film, but rather a touching examination of a family's dynamics, its flaws, and its truly beautiful moments. It's a heartwarming and melancholic portrayal of those moments in life when we are forced to come together with our loved ones, despite our differences, for the sake of those we care about.

Overall, Familia is a moving and thought-provoking movie that explores themes of family, religion, and personal struggle. The film's message is one of acceptance and overcoming obstacles, and it reminds us of the importance of valuing the people we love. Familia is a must-see movie for fans of family dramas and French-Canadian cinema.

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