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"Remember The Forgotten War"
  • 2013
  • 54 min
  • 8.7  (36)

Finnigan's War is a war drama movie from 2013 that tells the story of a US Army soldier named Finnigan (played by Kurt Chew-Een Lee) and his journey during the Korean War. The movie also features Mark Hamill as Colonel Baker and Tibor Rubin as himself. The movie starts with Finnigan, who is wounded and captured by the North Korean army. He is taken to a prisoner of war camp where he meets Sergeant Augustus "Horse" Sommers (played by Mark Hamill). Horse, who is also a prisoner, tries to help Finnigan adapt to the harsh realities of camp life. The two men soon become friends, and Horse becomes a mentor to Finnigan.

As time passes, the prisoners face more and more hardships - from disease to torture by the North Korean guards. Finnigan and Horse are among the prisoners who are tortured for various reasons. They are often starved and beaten, but they try to maintain their hope for survival.

One day, Finnigan and Horse are taken to a train station, where they witness a POW exchange with the Chinese army. In the chaos, Finnigan manages to escape and eventually makes his way back to the American lines. He is greeted with open arms, but he is haunted by the memory of the friends he left behind.

Finnigan becomes determined to find a way to help his fellow prisoners escape the camp. He approaches Colonel Baker (played by Mark Hamill), who is skeptical of Finnigan's plan but decides to help him anyway. With the help of a South Korean operative named Mrs. Moon, Finnigan and Colonel Baker devise a plan to rescue the prisoners.

The plan is dangerous and difficult, but Finnigan knows it's his only chance to redeem himself for leaving his friends behind. He and the team go back into enemy territory to rescue the prisoners, hoping to bring them to safety.

The movie ends with a tense and gripping finale, as Finnigan and his team carry out their plan against all odds. The escape takes a heavy toll on everyone involved, but Finnigan knows that he has done the right thing.

Throughout the movie, Finnigan's War addresses themes such as the destructive effects of war on human beings, the power of hope and perseverance, and the importance of camaraderie and loyalty. It shows the horrors of being a prisoner of war and the strength needed to survive.

Overall, Finnigan's War is a powerful and emotional movie that portrays the struggles of a soldier during the Korean War. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the bonds of brotherhood that can form in the face of adversity.

Finnigan's War
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    8.7  (36)