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  • 2004
  • 5.5  (5,467)

Five Children and It is a fantasy adventure film from 2004 based on the classic children's novel of the same name written by E. Nesbit. The movie follows the whimsical journey of five siblings, Robert, Anthea, Cyril, Jane, and the youngest, Lamb, who discover a magical creature known as a Psammead, or sand fairy, during their summer holiday in rural England.

The film begins with the five children arriving at the home of their eccentric uncle, who has agreed to let them stay for the summer. While exploring the nearby beach, they stumble upon a mysterious creature that looks like a cross between a cat and a has-been, with wings and a long snout. The creature introduces itself as a Psammead and grants the children three wishes each day until the sun sets.

The children cannot believe their luck and begin making wishes, each with varying consequences. Robert, the eldest, wishes to become rich and soon has more money than he knows what to do with, but his newfound wealth attracts unwanted attention. Anthea, the only girl, wishes to be a beautiful princess and finds herself transported to a fairy tale kingdom where she is pursued by an evil prince. Cyril, the third child, wishes for wings and learns the hard way that flying is not as easy as it seems. Jane, the second youngest, wishes to be able to turn invisible and discovers that with great power comes great responsibility. Lamb, the youngest and possibly wisest of the group, wishes for the family to be happy and healthy, and his wish has the most meaningful impact of them all.

As the children continue to make wishes, they begin to learn that there are consequences to their actions and that every wish has a price. They also discover that the Psammead is not the only magical creature in the area and that there is a dark force working against them.

Five Children and It is a charming and imaginative film that will delight children and adults alike. The performances from the young cast are excellent, particularly Freddie Highmore as the curious and adventurous Robert, and Tara Fitzgerald as the kind-hearted but slightly scatterbrained mother figure. Alex Jennings is also perfectly cast as the grumpy and somewhat sarcastic Psammead.

The film is visually stunning, with beautiful landscapes and enchanting special effects that bring the magical creatures to life. The storyline moves along at a good pace, with plenty of laughs and thrills to keep the audience entertained.

One of the strengths of the film is its exploration of the themes of family, responsibility, and the consequences of our actions. The children learn valuable lessons about the importance of family and looking out for one another, as well as the fact that there are often unintended consequences to our actions.

In conclusion, Five Children and It is a delightful family film that captures the magic and whimsy of the classic children's novel. With a talented cast, stunning visuals, and an engaging storyline, this film is sure to delight audiences both young and old.

Five Children and It
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