Flipper's New Adventure

"Here comes Flipper the fearless... he's back with some brand new friends, new fun, new thrills, as he tackles a band of desperate pirates!"

After the success of the 1963 Flipper film, a second Flipper film came out in 1964. In the sequel, Porter Ricks had no wife and only had one son, Sandy. Porter Ricks is a student at Park Ranger School. After Porter and Sandy Ricks learn that a highway construction project will interfere with their home life, the father and son move to the Bahamas. While on the new island, Porter Ricks learns that some convicts kidnapped an entire family. The Ricks and Flipper befriend Mr. Hopewell, his wife, and two daughters while attempting to rescue the family from the convicts.

| 1964 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.0/10
Leon Benson
Flipper's New Adventure

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