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  • TV-G
  • 2011
  • 1 hr 20 min
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Fly Away is an emotional drama from 2011 that follows the struggles of a single mother and her autistic teenage daughter. The film was directed by Janet Grillo, and stars Beth Broderick as Jeanne, Ashley Rickards as Mandy, and Aramazd Stepanian as Ben. The story centers around Jeanne and Mandy, who have been living together in a small apartment in Los Angeles for years. Mandy is severely autistic, and Jeanne has dedicated her life to taking care of her daughter. Mandy's condition makes it difficult for her to communicate and connect with others, and Jeanne has faced a constant struggle to provide the best care and support for her daughter.

As the film begins, Mandy is about to turn 18, and Jeanne is faced with the daunting reality that she will soon have to let go and allow her daughter to live a more independent life. She decides to enroll Mandy in a special school and hires a caregiver to take care of her during the day.

Mandy, however, finds it difficult to adjust to her new routine and struggles to cope with the changes. She begins to act out, often throwing tantrums and running away from her caregiver. Jeanne is left feeling helpless, and starts to question whether she is doing the right thing by trying to prepare Mandy for life outside their apartment.

As the film progresses, Jeanne's relationship with Mandy becomes increasingly strained. She feels guilty for wanting to have some time to herself, and becomes frustrated with Mandy's behavior. At the same time, Jeanne also starts to develop a romantic relationship with a man named Tom, played by JR Bourne. Tom is understanding of Jeanne's situation and tries to offer her support.

Fly Away is a poignant exploration of the complexities of caring for a child with autism. The film portrays the daily struggles that parents and caregivers face in providing the right support for those with autism, and highlights the emotional toll it can take on families. The film also touches on themes of resilience, letting go, and the importance of community support.

The acting performances in Fly Away are exceptional. Beth Broderick gives a heartfelt portrayal of the loving but exhausted mother, while Ashley Rickards is incredibly convincing as the autistic teenager struggling to navigate her new life. Aramazd Stepanian also delivers an emotional performance as the kind-hearted caregiver who tries his best to connect with Mandy.

The film's cinematography is simple yet effective, drawing attention to the characters and their emotional journey. The use of close-ups and muted colors adds to the film's somber tone and captures the quiet moments of tender connection between the characters.

Overall, Fly Away is a powerful film that explores the challenges of raising a child with autism with sensitivity and grace. It is a moving portrayal of the unconditional love and resilience of families facing difficult situations.

Fly Away
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