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  • 2019
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Frankie Go Boom is a 2012 indie comedy film that has a star-studded cast consisting of Charlie Hunnam, Chris O'Dowd, Lizzy Caplan, Nora Dunn, Whitney Cummings, and Ron Perlman. Directed by Jordan Roberts, the movie revolves around the story of two estranged brothers, Frankie (Charlie Hunnam) and Bruce (Chris O'Dowd), who reunite after years of not seeing each other.

Frankie, a struggling writer and recovering alcoholic, has just uploaded a video of himself having sex with a transgender woman online. It's quickly revealed that Frankie's brother, Bruce, is a recovering drug addict and an aspiring film director who needs to make a splash with his next movie to revive his career, and decides to use the sex-tape footage as a source of inspiration for his film.

The two brothers embark on a misadventure that leads them to meet a series of eccentric and bizarre characters, starting with Jack (Chris Noth), who is the proprietor of a small electronic store where Frankie's sex tape ends up after being stolen. Jack is a former star of a hit TV series, and his obsession with auto-tuning himself has driven his wife Karen (Whitney Cummings) away, making Jack angry and volatile. He develops a serious crush on Frankie, leading to a confrontation between the brothers and Jack's ex-wife.

The brothers' misadventures continue when they meet Lassie (Lizzy Caplan), Bruce's former classmate who has crush on Frankie, and a shady biker named Phil (Ron Perlman) who seems to have a score to settle with Bruce. As Bruce becomes more and more involved in making his movie, which leads to complications with his relationships with both Frankie and Lassie.

The movie is a comedy filled with humorous and eccentric characters, making it hard to predict what will happen next. The dialogue is snappy, and the performances are all outstanding, with Hunnam and O'Dowd delivering especially memorable performances. Lizzy Caplan adds depth to her character, making Lassie more than just the often overused "quirky girl" trope.

While the film is predominantly comedic, it touches on serious themes such as addiction and navigating family relationships. It balances light-heartedness with drama and leaves viewers with the feeling that they’ve watched something both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Overall, Frankie Go Boom is an underrated gem of a film that deserves more attention. Its humor, quirky characters, and lightheartedness make it a standout from the more formulaic romantic comedies that so often dominate the genre. With a cast of top-tier comedic talent and a clever script, this movie offers a unique take on the dramedy genre.

Frankie Go Boom
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