Fury At Showdown

"The hate-hot story of the gun-fighter they called yellow..."
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This movie is a western drama about a man who tries to go straight after a year of jail. Brock Mitchell is a famous gunslinger who has decided to go straight. He is considered by many to be an outcast. He goes to his brother’s ranch to live. A local attorney is determined to steal the ranch in revenge for Brock shooting his brother in a fair fight. When the crooked attorney tries to take the ranch, Brock goes into action.

Going straight is never easy. This gunslinger needs to fight to save his brother’s ranch but he must do it within the law.

| 1957 | 1 hr 15 min | 6.2/10
John Derek, John Smith, Carolyn Craig, Nick Adams
Gerd Oswald
Fury At Showdown
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