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  • NR
  • 1971
  • 2 hr 34 min
  • 6.6  (163)

Gambler is a Hindi film from 1971 directed by Amarjeet and starring Dev Anand, Zaheeda, and Kishore Sahu. The movie tells the story of a young man named Raja, played by Dev Anand, who is obsessed with gambling and addiction. He comes from a wealthy family and is well-known for his love of cards and games. However, his addiction to gambling leads him down a path of self-destructive behavior, causing him to lose all of his wealth and ultimately his family's respect.

The film opens with Raja working as a card dealer in a casino, where he quickly becomes popular with the patrons due to his charming personality and winning ways. However, he is caught cheating by the casino's owner and is immediately fired. Raja's addiction to gambling becomes worse as he spends all of his savings on betting, eventually leading to his family's financial ruin.

Despite his financial problems, Raja continues to gamble and gets involved in illegal activities in order to fund his addiction. He meets a woman named Rani, played by Zaheeda, whom he falls in love with but ultimately abandons due to his gambling addiction. He then meets another woman, Rita, played by Zahira, who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Rita falls in love with Raja but struggles to accept his addiction.

As the movie progresses, Raja's addiction causes him to make reckless decisions, putting not only himself but also his loved ones in danger. He becomes embroiled in a dangerous gambling ring and is forced to make a win-or-lose bet that could cost him his life.

Gambler is a gripping movie that highlights the dangers of addiction and the consequences of engaging in illegal activities. It shows how gambling can destroy not only the gambler but also their loved ones, and how difficult it can be to break free from addiction. Dev Anand delivers a powerful performance as Raja, portraying the character's descent into self-destruction with great depth and emotion. Zaheeda and Kishore Sahu also give strong performances, adding depth and complexity to the story.

The film's soundtrack is another highlight, with popular songs such as "Dil Aaj Shayar Hai" and "Pehle Pehle Pyaar Ki" becoming instant classics. The film's use of music helps to accentuate the emotional impact of the story, adding an extra layer of depth and complexity.

Overall, Gambler is a fantastic film that explores the dangers of addiction and the consequences of engaging in illegal activities. It is an emotional rollercoaster that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and is a must-watch for Dev Anand fans and those interested in classic Hindi cinema.

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