Hum Dono

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"Hum Dono" is an Indian film from the year of 1961. Mahesh and Mjr. Verma have two commonalities, both served in the army and could serve as body doubles for each other. When Verma goes MIA during the Burma Campaign of WWII, only to later be declared as KIA, Mahesh is given the task of informing Verma's loved ones. However, his close resemblance to the Major causes the family to believe that he's simply the Major returning from the conflict. Unwilling to shatter the happy family, Mahesh decides to play the imposter while also dealing with complications in Mahesh's life.

1961 | | 7.3/10
Dev Anand, Nanda, Sadhana, Lalita Pawar
Produced By
Dev Anand
Hum Dono
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