Gente di Roma

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Gente di Roma is a comedic exploration of modern day Rome and its opinionated inhabitants. The film is an honest approach to a variety of topics that are constantly trending worldwide; the economy, racism, immigration, homosexuality and more. After world war II the demographics of Europe changed, as a result, the senior population grew rapidly. The film explores how the modern family's cultural-worldview has a different approach to caring for senior citizens compared to previous generations. Gente di Roma gives you the experience of Rome from a Roman's point of view. The story is delightfully told in the midst of beautiful monuments and ancient architecture.

2003 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.4/10
Giorgio Colangeli, Antonello Fassari, Fabio Ferrari, Fiorenzo Fiorentini
Ettore Scola
Gente di Roma
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