That Night in Varennes

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  • R
  • 1982
  • 7.2  (2,486)

In the year 1791, the famous Italian writer Giacomo Casanova (Marcello Mastroianni), the philosopher and economist Restif de la Bretonne (Jean-Louis Barrault), and the feminist Madame Therbouche (Hanna Schygulla) embark on a journey on a stagecoach to reach Paris from Venice. They are caught in a torrential storm, the road has been washed away, and a group of temporary travelers stands with them at a local inn to wait out the rain. During their stay, they learn of an intriguing event, a royal family has been moved to safety, and they are to be taken to Paris the next day. Casanova is drawn in by the mystery and intrigue of the situation, as he meets a variety of characters, including Thomas Jefferson and King Louis XVI.

The group continues on their journey by stagecoach, and they soon meet up with the royal convoy, which is led by a youngwoman named Sophia (Silvia Dionisio). The royal family is being transported to Paris where they will face execution by guillotine. As they travel and talk amongst themselves, they reflect on their past achievements and regrets, and the conversations lead to deep and profound reflections on personal philosophy and belief systems.

Throughout the journey, Casanova becomes increasingly drawn to Sophia, and becomes convinced that she is more than meets the eye. Restif, on the other hand, is focused on saving the lives of the royal family, and developing moral ideals that can justify the violent overthrow of the privileged classes. Madame Therbouche, a feminist and activist, is constantly challenging the patriarchal social system that governs them all, and fights for female empowerment.

As the stagecoach makes its way to Paris, the characters experience all types of encounters that reveal their personal truths about life and love. The group also reflects on the struggles of the French Revolution, from the burdens of the poor to the excesses of the aristocracy. Through their diverse conversations, they experience social awareness and personal growth, each coming to find their own answers and peace with personal choices.

That Night in Varennes is a compelling story that invites viewers to reflect deeply on history, love, and the revolution that changed the world. The film shines with performances by Mastroianni, Schygulla, and Barrault, whose characters are masterfully crafted and come to life on screen. The compelling narrative and emotionally charged dialogue offer an excellent narrative structure that invites reflection on profound and meaningful themes.

Ultimately, That Night in Varennes is not a film that can be easily summarized, as it weaves together a rich tapestry of ideas and cultural norms drawn from the personal battles each character fights. The movie paints a poignant picture of revolutionary France as it struggles to find its place in the world, and the ramifications of its actions appear to change the course of history.

If you enjoy historical films, thought-provoking narratives, and complex characters, That Night in Varennes is an excellent choice to explore the depths and complexities of the French Revolution, and the human condition in a tumultuous time of history.

That Night in Varennes
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