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"The Swingin-est Blast Ever Filmed"
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  • 1964
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Get Yourself A College Girl is a musical comedy film released in 1964 that revolves around the life of a college student named Terry Taylor (Mary Ann Mobley) and her experiences in love and music. Terry is a talented singer studying music composition at a university that is famous for its musical program. The film features an ensemble cast, including Joan O'Brien, Nancy Sinatra, and Chad Everett, among others.

The movie captures the youthful energy and spirit of the early 1960s, and its soundtrack features a mix of rock and roll, pop, and jazz music. The film's opening sequence features a performance by Chad Everett's character, a famous rock star named J.R. (short for Johnny Rivers), who is visiting the college to perform in a concert. Terry is impressed by his music and is introduced to him by her friend, Lynne (Joan O'Brien). J.R. takes a liking to Terry and invites her to join his band for an upcoming tour.

Despite initial reservations from her music professor, Dr. Meade (Fred Clark), Terry decides to go on the tour with J.R.'s band as a backup singer. She is excited to perform and see the world but also nervous about leaving behind her studies and boyfriend, Craig (Chris Noel). As the tour progresses, Terry finds herself drawn to J.R.'s charisma and the thrill of being on stage.

Meanwhile, Craig is struggling to keep his relationship with Terry intact, as he feels neglected by her absence and jealous of J.R.'s influence on her. He seeks comfort in Lynne, who is also struggling with her own love life and feelings for J.R.

The movie also features a subplot involving the college's struggle to stay financially afloat, which is resolved when the students organize a benefit concert featuring J.R. and Terry's talents.

Get Yourself A College Girl is a light-hearted and entertaining film that captures the essence of the early 1960s. The cast's performances are engaging, particularly those of Mary Ann Mobley and Nancy Sinatra, who display excellent singing talents. The film's music is upbeat and infectious, with several catchy songs, and dance sequences that are a delight to watch.

The movie also manages to touch upon some serious issues, such as the difficulties of maintaining relationships while pursuing one's dreams, and the importance of supporting education and the arts. The film's setting in a college campus adds a fun and vibrant backdrop to the music and romance.

Overall, Get Yourself A College Girl is a fun-filled musical that is perfect for fans of rock and roll and pop music of the early 1960s. It is a nostalgic time capsule that offers a glimpse into the attitudes, fashions, and social dynamics of that era.

Get Yourself A College Girl
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