Getting Gilliam

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This picture is a documentary that follows a popular director by the name of Terry Gilliam. The film centers around Gilliam while he is directing one of his most popular films to ever have been made, Tideland. In his early life, Gilliam was a controversial filmmaker and was constantly in the eyes of local authorities thanks to an extreme battle with drugs. His film career took off slowly and he eventually developed a fairly large fan base. His latest project, Tideland, is a wonderful movie that follows the life of a little girl who doesn't live in the best of times, and instead opts to live in a fantasy world.

2005 | | 6.5/10
Mitch Cullin, Brendan Fletcher, Terry Gilliam, Gabriella Martinelli
Getting Gilliam is a documentary film directed by Vincenzo Natali about the making of Tideland. [edit] External links Getting Gilliam at the Internet Movie Database
Getting Gilliam
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