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"Julie... No Man Could Forget her, No Woman Forgive Her."
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  • 1961
  • 1 hr 43 min
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Go Naked in the World is a 1961 drama film directed by Ranald MacDougall and starring Gina Lollobrigida, Anthony Franciosa, and Ernest Borgnine. Set in New York City, the story follows the life of Nick Stratton (Franciosa), a young playboy who is torn between his love for his father, wealthy and respected businessman Vincent Stratton (Borgnine), and his forbidden passion for his father's younger wife, Alma (Lollobrigida).

Nick is a restless and handsome young man who has grown up in a privileged, upper-class environment. He is bored with his life and his father's expectations of him. He rebels against his father and refuses to join the family business. Instead, he moves into a small Greenwich Village apartment and starts to explore the city's bohemian culture. He immerses himself in a world of jazz bars, beat poetry, and free-spirited women.

Nick's path crosses with Alma, his father's new wife, a stunning and sophisticated woman who is only a few years older than him. Alma is an artist, and Nick is drawn to her unconventional way of life. He starts to visit her studio and becomes infatuated with both her work and her beauty.

Their attraction is mutual, and they begin a secret affair. Nick struggles with his love for Alma and his loyalty to his father. Alma also feels guilty about the situation and tries to distance herself from Nick. But their passion is too strong, and they continue to see each other.

Vincent Stratton is a proud and stubborn man who has built his fortune from scratch. He suspects that Alma is having an affair but cannot bring himself to believe that his son is involved. When he finally discovers the truth, he is devastated and enraged. The tension between the two men escalates, and they end up in a violent confrontation.

Go Naked in the World explores themes of love, lust, and family conflict. It is a tale of self-discovery and the clash between tradition and liberalism. The film portrays the New York City of the early 1960s, a city in flux, where old values are crumbling, and new ones are emerging.

Gina Lollobrigida gives a captivating performance as Alma, the alluring artist who becomes the object of Nick's desire. She is elegant and sensual, and her character embodies the spirit of the times. Anthony Franciosa plays Nick with the right blend of charm and recklessness. He is both sympathetic and flawed, a young man trying to find his place in the world.

Ernest Borgnine is superb as Vincent Stratton, the stern patriarch who tries to control his son's destiny. He is a complex character, full of contradictions. He loves his son but cannot accept his choices. He is proud of his success but isolated by his wealth.

The film's cinematography is impressive, capturing the beauty and diversity of New York City. The city is both a backdrop and a character in the story. The soundtrack features jazz music from the era, which adds to the film's atmosphere.

In conclusion, Go Naked in the World is a compelling drama that explores the conflicts and contradictions of human relationships. It is a timeless story of love and passion that still resonates with audiences today. The film's excellent cast, stunning visuals, and evocative score make it a must-see for fans of vintage cinema.

Go Naked in the World
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