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"Is it faith or just a fad?"
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  • 2001
  • 1 hr 40 min
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God Is Great, I'm Not (2001) is a French romantic comedy that explores the relationship between an agnostic dancer, Michèle (played by Audrey Tautou), and a Jewish doctor, François (played by Edouard Baer). Michèle is in her mid-twenties and enjoys partying and dating, but she struggles with the lack of meaning in her life. Her encounter with François, a sensible and rational man in his thirties who is ready to settle down, causes her to re-think her beliefs and values.

The movie begins with Michèle in a state of confusion and spiritual crisis. She feels lost and disconnected from the world around her. We see her interact with her friends, go to parties, and go on dates, but she never seems truly happy or engaged. One day, while at the hospital for an appointment, she meets François, a doctor who is about to undergo an operation. The two strike up a conversation and Michèle is intrigued by François's calmness and self-assurance.

As they continue to interact, François reveals that he is Jewish and Michèle admits that she is agnostic. Despite their different beliefs, the two become close and begin to explore their feelings for each other. However, their relationship is far from easy. Michèle struggles with the idea of being with someone who has such a strong faith, while François is hesitant to pursue a relationship with a woman who seems so lost and unsure of herself.

Throughout the film, Michèle grapples with her spirituality and tries to make sense of her place in the world. She attends a series of spiritual workshops, but she finds little satisfaction in them. She also visits a church and talks to a priest, but she cannot seem to find the answers she is looking for. Meanwhile, François begins to question his own beliefs and is conflicted about his feelings for Michèle.

The movie is full of quirky and playful moments that showcase the chemistry between the two lead actors. Audrey Tautou is charming and charismatic, playing the role of Michèle with finesse and humor. Edouard Baer is equally captivating, bringing a sense of calm and rationality to his portrayal of François. The supporting cast, particularly Julie Depardieu as Michèle's friend, adds depth and humor to the story.

The film's director, Pascale Bailly, explores complex themes of spirituality, love, and identity with sensitivity and humor. Her direction is playful and imaginative, but never loses sight of the emotional core of the story. She uses dream sequences and fantastical elements to create a sense of whimsy, but the film never feels too fantastical or inaccessible.

Overall, God Is Great, I'm Not is a charming and heartfelt film that explores the complexities of love and faith. It is a poignant reminder that sometimes the most meaningful things in life are the ones that cannot be easily explained.

God Is Great, I'm Not
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