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"See: Prehistoric Monsters Crawl Out of the Hidden Depths of the Earth and Take Revenge Against the Living!"

Also known as 'All Monsters Attack' the film is an unusual addition to the Godzilla series. As the tenth film it marked the first that was specifically targeted towards a younger audience. Grade-schooler Ichiro is a misfit with a large imagination, picked on by a group of bullies led by a boy named Gabara. He finds little solace at home as both his parents work long hours. He is however looked after by a neighbor, an independent toymaker working out of his apartment.

At the end of the day Ichiro dozes and dreams of Monster Island where he meets Godzilla's son Minilla. The two find that they have much in common, namely a bully named Gabara, though in Minilla's case his bully is a towering monster with an electric touch. Godzilla is trying to teach his son to stand up for himself and solve his own problems to mixed success. Ichiro takes these lessons to heart and when he wakes he finds he has to contend with not only his Gabara but a pair of ruthless bank robbers to boot!

| 1969 | 1 hr 9 min | 3.8/10
Tomonori Yazaki, Hideyo Amamoto, Sachio Sakai, Kazuo Suzuki
Ishiro Honda
Produced By
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Godzilla's Revenge

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