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  • 1935
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Goin' To Town, released in 1935, is a classic Hollywood burlesque comedy film that stars the iconic Mae West, who plays the sassy and confident character Cleo Borden. She is a beautiful and strong-willed woman who travels west in search of gold mines and riches, leaving behind her aristocratic but financially troubled past in New York City.

On the train to the west, Cleo encounters Edward Carrington (Paul Cavanagh), a wealthy railroad magnate who is instantly smitten with her. Cleo, however, is not interested in Carrington's wealth and snobbish ways and rebuffs his advances.

Upon arriving in the town of Chili Verde, Cleo becomes the talk of the town due to her stunning beauty and confident demeanor. She is greeted by the town's mayor, Van Dorn (Gilbert Emery), who invites her to a party in her honor. At the party, Cleo meets the town's most eligible bachelor, Jim (Owen Moore), and they quickly develop a romantic relationship.

Cleo's presence in Chili Verde also attracts the attention of a group of outlaws who are interested in robbing her of the gold that she has acquired. The outlaws, led by Blackie (Gene Austin), plot to kidnap Cleo and steal her gold.

Cleo's sharp wit and cunning help her to outsmart the outlaws and win the heart of Jim. Her relationship with Jim is hindered by the jealous Carrington, who is determined to win Cleo's heart and keep her for himself.

As the story progresses, Cleo becomes embroiled in a legal battle with Carrington over a mine that she has inherited. She hires Jim as her lawyer and together they fight to keep the mine.

With its risqué humor and suggestive dialogue, Goin' To Town was a controversial movie for its time. However, the film was a box office success and helped to solidify Mae West's status as a Hollywood icon. West's performance as Cleo Borden is a masterful display of her unique comedic talent and her ability to portray strong and independent women.

The movie is also notable for its representation of the American west as a place of opportunity and adventure, as well as its depiction of women as capable and self-sufficient individuals. Goin' To Town is a classic Hollywood comedy that still manages to entertain audiences today with its timeless humor and charming characters.

Goin' To Town
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