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"Turn on the Fun! A Heat Wave of Beautiful GIRLS! GAGS! RHYTHM! and ROMANCE!"
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  • 1943
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The Heat's On is a comedic film released in 1943, starring famous sex symbol Mae West, Victor Moore, and William Gaxton. Directed by Gregory Ratoff, the movie represented one of Mae West's last film appearances. The film narrates the story of Fay Lawrence (Mae West), a challenging theater star who is always in search of a new gig. With her distinctive fashion taste and sultry voice, Lawrence is bound and determined to become the biggest diva in show business. To attain her goal, she approaches Crystal (Katherine Dunham), who is organizing a charity performance for veterans. Crystals reluctantly agrees to let Lawrence participate in the event, provided that she puts on a wholesome show suitable for a family audience.

Although reluctant at first, Lawrence eventually agrees and sets to work with her assistant and friend, Dan Barker (Victor Moore). The two explore different ways to make the show a success, each exposing their own eccentric style in the process. As they collaborate, they come into contact with the shady underworld of the entertainment industry, where producers and performers resort to any means necessary to land the next big gig.

Fay Lawrence's larger-than-life personality makes her a compelling central character. She's sharp and confident, and her humor is cruel but immensely fun in her sarcastic delivery. Mae West's exotic sensuality is fully on show in this film, and her performance is one of the film's highlights. Her flirtations with William Gaxton, who plays Jack Howard, a producer who spurns her advances, continue to fuel the comedy, just as they did in her previous films.

Victor Moore's performance as Dan Barker is perfect, serving as a great counterbalance to West's brash personality. The duo's on-screen chemistry is dynamite, and their banter is both natural and entertaining. The two have great comic timing, and their physical comedy adds another layer of humor to their scenes.

The Heat's On is filled with a wide array of entertaining musical numbers, with dancers like Katherine Dunham and her troupe, who performed African-American dance in films long before Hollywood recognized its talent. The film's production design is visually stunning, notably in the musical scenes which demonstrate impressive choreography and sets.

The film's climactic finale pushes the limits of the audiences' imaginations, with the final musical number delivered with an over-the-top, no-holds-barred style that makes for a satisfying ending. The movie delivers on its promise to entertain with comedy, music, and spectacle, and it never takes itself too seriously.

Overall, The Heat's On is a funny and entertaining film that may not be Mae West's finest work, but it still has significant moments that showcase her comedic timing and provocative self-awareness. Victor Moore and William Gaxton add their own charm, and their interactions with Mae West are funny, touching, and memorable. The film presents the perfect escape into a time gone by, where performers and entertainers could make everyone smile with their wit and song.

The Heat's On
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