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"SHE CARRIES A "TORCH" IN THE HOT SPOTS OF BROADWAY! The worst woman in New York...singing the best love songs!"
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  • 1933
  • 1 hr 11 min
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Torch Singer, released in 1933, is a pre-code romantic drama directed by Alexander Hall. The film stars Claudette Colbert, one of the most prolific actresses of the time, alongside Ricardo Cortez and David Manners. The movie begins with Sally Trent (Claudette Colbert) working as a waitress in a seedy nightclub. Despite her grim surroundings, Sally dreams of becoming a successful singer and finding true love. One night, she attracts the attention of a wealthy hometown boy, Tommy Thomas (David Manners), who offers to help her launch her career. Tommy is instantly smitten with Sally, but she sees him only as a connection to success.

Sally's big break comes when a notorious gangster, Nick Coster (Ricardo Cortez), offers her a job as a torch singer in a lavish nightclub. Nick is a suave and dangerous man who quickly becomes infatuated with Sally. As she rises to fame, Sally discovers that Tommy is engaged to a wealthy socialite, and she realizes that her feelings for him are deeper than she thought.

The plot is propelled forward by Sally's romantic entanglements with both Nick and Tommy. Sally is caught between two drastically different worlds: one of luxury and temptation and another of true love and virtue. The film showcases the allure and danger of the nightclub scene in the 1930s, with glamorous dance numbers and lavish sets.

The highlight of the movie is Claudette Colbert's performance as Sally Trent. Colbert's natural charm and charisma make her a believable and sympathetic protagonist. She brings depth to Sally, portraying her as a woman who is desperate to leave behind her seedy past but is torn between her passions and morals.

Ricardo Cortez makes for a memorable villain as Nick Coster. He portrays the character with suaveness and a sinister edge, leaving the audience at the edge of their seats. David Manners plays the role of Tommy Thomas with sensitivity and sincerity, eliciting empathy from the audience.

Torch Singer is a snapshot of Hollywood's Golden Age and a glimpse into the pre-code era's indulgences. The film defies the restrictions of censorship that were imposed on Hollywood films in the years to come. It showcases the era's fascination with the nightlife and its dangers, along with the complexities of romantic relationships.

In conclusion, Torch Singer is a captivating pre-code drama that highlights Claudette Colbert's acting talent. The film features memorable performances from the entire cast and showcases the alluring but dangerous world of the 1930s nightlife scene.

Torch Singer
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