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"The Crime Was Their Passion."
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 6.1  (1,125)

Green Chair is a beautifully made South Korean movie directed by Park Chul-soo, which tells the story of a thirty-something woman in search of something missing in her life. The protagonist, Kim Mun-hee (Jung Suh), is a book editor who meets a much younger man named Seo-hyun (Ji-ho Shim) while waiting for a train. Seo-hyun is a high school student who has taken an interest in Mun-hee. After exchanging numbers, Mun-hee goes home and struggles with her feelings towards the young boy.

The two begin an unlikely affair, while the director slowly unveils their respective histories. Seo-hyun is somewhat of a loner, abandoned by his mother and left in the care of his disabled father. Mun-hee, on the other hand, is lonely and disillusioned with her life, and is struggling to find something to make her feel alive again.

As the affair progresses, Mun-hee grows increasingly attached to Seo-hyun, but the affair is discovered, and they are faced with the consequences of their actions. However, despite the disapproval of society and Mun-hee's family, the two of them continue their affair.

What makes Green Chair such a unique and memorable movie is how it deals with the taboo topic of May-December relationships. Mun-hee and Seo-hyun seem to be very different people at different stages in their lives, but the film does a good job of exploring their shared loneliness as the reason they get involved with each other.

The film is also significant for its portrayal of female sexuality. Mun-hee, unlike most female film characters in a similar position, is not presented as a victim, and instead, the director explores her sexuality in an empowering way. She is portrayed as a woman in control of her own desires, even though it is unconventional.

Another significant aspect of the movie is how it captures the essence of the South Korean society. The conservative and judgmental attitude towards such relationships is made clear throughout the movie, and the societal pressure faced by the protagonists adds to the drama and tension of the story. These challenges force the two protagonists to navigate through a morally complex milieu and supports the theme of a conflicted society.

Jung Suh delivers an outstanding performance as Mun-hee, portraying the character's complexities and personal desires powerfully. Ji-ho Shim is equally impressive as Seo-hyun, capturing the teenage angst and confusion towards his feelings about his unconventional relationship with the older woman.

Lastly, the movie is a visual spectacle to behold, as Director Park Chul-soo weaves together stunning visuals, richly textured colors, and delicate cinematography to create an aesthetic that effortlessly captures the story's emotional essence.

Overall, Green Chair is a movie that explores love, loneliness, and societal expectations in a thought-provoking and illuminating way. The director beautifully weaves elements of Korean society and culture, making it a must-see for anyone interested in exploring the minutiae of human relationships and experiences.

Green Chair
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    1 hr 38 min
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    6.1  (1,125)