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  • R
  • 2006
  • 5.8  (596)

Greetings from the Shore is a romantic drama film directed by Greg Chwerchak in 2007. Set in the 1980s, the movie follows the story of a young girl named Jenny Chambers portrayed by Kim Shaw, who dreams of leaving her mundane life in Pennsylvania and traveling to the Hamptons, the pinnacle of the East Coast New York summer social scene. She wants to experience life in a lush seaside community with sandy beaches and weekend parties with the rich and famous.

Jenny finally gets a chance to make her dream come true when she gets a summer job in the Hamptons. With a heart full of optimism, she sets out on a journey that takes her 150 miles east to Long Island, where she finds work as a waitress in a beachside restaurant named The Bluefish. She moves into a room above the restaurant where her housemates are two fellow waitresses, Margo (Jaycie Skerrett) and Ann (Axelle Cummings).

Jenny soon discovers that life in the Hamptons is not as glamorous as she had hoped. She finds herself surrounded by people who are unhappy, jaded, or unfulfilled, constantly reminding her that she doesn't belong. She struggles to fit in with the locals and appears as the outsider. In her desire for acceptance, she finds herself being dragged into a group that throws illegal parties for the wealthy summer residents in spite of the fact that they are against the law.

Jenny falls head over heels for the open-hearted artist, Mungo (David Fumero), who teaches her how to surf and shows her the hidden beauty of the shore. He encourages her to dream big and gives her the courage to be herself. With his support, she begins to see beyond the superficial society of the Hamptons and discovers that true happiness comes from within.

The malevolent side of the Hamptons is embodied in the form of Big John (Paul Sorvino) - the corrupt business owner of the Bluefish, who has strong links with the wealthy summer residents. Big John sees Jenny as a threat and wants her out of the Hamptons. He tries everything in his power to sabotage her dreams and push her to leave.

The film is a heartfelt tale of growing up and facing one's fears set against the backdrop of a fading American dream. The beachside ambiance in Greetings from the Shore is perfect, with stunning panoramic shots of the Atlantic Ocean, and appealing architecture that highlights the drama's nostalgic storybook tone.

Kim Shaw in her feature debut as the lead actress is captivating and portrays her role with a blend of determination, innocence, and vulnerability. Paul Sorvino as Big John is both menacing and charismatic, filling the movie with tension whenever he appears on-screen. David Fumero as Mungo, the love interest of Jenny, is charming, and adds a sweet touch to the story.

Overall, Greetings from the Shore is a feel-good, charming, and heart-warming movie that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. The film's message is about the importance of having a sense of belonging and finding happiness from within.

Greetings from the Shore
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