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"A Boy, a bear, an amazing adventure."
  • PG
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 5.8  (659)
  • 34

Grizzly Falls is a 1999 adventure-drama film that follows the story of a father and son who embark on a journey into the wilds of British Columbia, Canada, to study and track bears. The film stars Bryan Brown as Harry Trapnell, Tom Jackson as Joshua, and Oliver Tobias as Archibald. The film opens with Harry and his son, Joshua, as they return from a camping trip. On their way home, they encounter a young bear cub that had lost its mother. Harry decides to take the cub with them to their home in England as a gift for his estranged wife, who is a wildlife artist.

The next scene shows Harry and Joshua getting ready for their trip to Canada. They are going there to study grizzly bears in their natural habitat, and Joshua is thrilled to be joining his father on this adventure. After they arrive in Canada, they meet Archibald, a local tracker and guide, who is supposed to help them navigate through the wilderness.

As they embark on their journey, they encounter several challenges. They must travel through dense forests, cross rivers, and climb steep mountains to reach their destination. Along the way, they come across various animals and learn more about the grizzly bears' behavior and habitat.

One night, while they are camping, Joshua hears a strange noise in the woods. He investigates and finds a mother grizzly bear and her cubs. He decides to approach them, and the mother bear attacks him. Harry and Archibald come to the rescue, but not before Joshua gets severely injured. The incident leaves Harry wondering if he made the right choice by bringing his son on this dangerous expedition.

The rest of the movie revolves around Harry's attempts to protect Joshua from further harm and their quest to find the bear responsible for Joshua's injuries. They eventually find the bear, and Harry has to make a difficult decision about whether to kill it or let it go.

Grizzly Falls is a heartwarming adventure movie that showcases the beauty and danger of the Canadian wilderness. The performances of the three main actors are excellent, and the cinematography is stunning. The film's themes of family, survival, and the natural world are expertly explored, making it a must-watch for all lovers of the great outdoors.

Grizzly Falls
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