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In the movie Hack! A man who is on a small island is seen as being chased by someone or something. When he comes to a stop in order to catch his breath, you will see him being decapitated. All the while, a small group of boys from a high school and a social outcast are chosen to visit the small island on a field trip. The group of kids along with the teacher will meet with the Captain Bates who will take them out to the island. While meeting with the captain, they will also meet a couple who are eccentric. The couple is who the kids and teacher will be staying with. The group will begin to have their experience filmed with a small hand held recorder.

While the group of kids is settling in, the teacher will need to leave the island in order to retrieve some of his equipment. While the teacher awaits for the captain, he will come across the killer who will stab him with a hook. While back on the island, the kids will have a bonfire. A angry teen while start to have a problem with the other kids who she says are undisciplined. A bet is made and one of the kids has to walk out into the sea. While he is out there, he starts to freak out as he comes across something in the sea not knowing that it is the body of the captain. Soon after, someone will be spotted in a clown suit in the forest. The group will head to bed not knowing that the teacher has been killed along with the captain of the boat.

The sheriff will come to the island the next day in search of locating a missing hunter. He will question the couple who deny ever seeing him. The group of kids will separate into two groups. Some of the kids will go off on their own and soon will be killed. A search will start to come to light once they notice some of the kids are missing. They will question the couple who simply tells them to shake it off.

| 2007 | 1 hr 29 min | 4.1/10
Danica McKellar, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Juliet Landau, Tony Burton
Fireworks International
Matt Flynn
Produced By
Mike Wittlin, Brian Hartman, Sean Kanan
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