Hannah med H

"How can you know and do nothing... how can you listen and hear nothing... how can you have and give nothing..."

Hannah is a young lady who enjoys the simple things in life. Her greatest pleasures come from hanging out with her friends and having deep thoughts written down on paper in the form of poetry. Her poetry is something that gets complimented quite often and gains the recognition of many of her peers. One of the people that starts to pay close attention to Hannah is a man by the name of Jens. Jens is a young man who claims to be a poetry teacher. He critiques Hannah's work and offers to get closer to her. However, Jens is not exactly who he claims to be.

| 2003 | 1 hr 38 min
Tove Edfeldt, Joel Kinnaman, Adnan Zorlak, Bibjana Mustafaj, Thomas Mork
Christina Olofson
Hannah med H
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