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Neil McCauley, played by Robert De Niro is a master thief who takes his job seriously. Neil is making plans for another heist which involves the use of an ambulance, which he calmly retrieves from outside a local hospital. His friend and partner in crime, Chris Shiherlis, played by Val Kilmer, is working on his own part of the deal and purchases some explosive charges which he pays cash for.

When a new guy hired for the day gets trigger happy, the job goes wrong and guns go blazing. The job is complete and Neil has to clean house due to the trigger happy conman.

Lt. Vincent Hanna, played by Al Pacino, is a seasoned robbery homicide detective who lives with his wife and stepdaughter. When Hanna gets to the crime scene left by McCauley and his team, it does not take him long to figure out that he is dealing with a team of experienced lawbreakers, and the hunt begins.

When McCauley tries to get rid of his trigger happy team member, he is interrupted by a squad car, and the slippery offender gets away. Meanwhile Lt. Hanna is back home, where he is dealing with his wife who is visibly upset because her ex husband never showed to pick up his daughter, and Vincent is late for dinner.

As he stops at a local diner to grab a bite to eat, a woman sitting next to McCauley tries to strike up a conversation with him, but he is immediately on the defensive. After an initial brush off, McCauley chooses to open up, and the woman introduces herself as Eady, played by Amy Brenneman.

The two end up spending the evening together, and a relationship ensues. Michael Mann writes and directs this crime drama, with supporting roles by Tom Sizemore as Michael Cheritto, Diane Venora as Justine Hanna and Ashley Judd as Charlene Shiherlis

| 1972 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.2/10
Joe Dallesandro, Sylvia Miles, Andrea Feldman, Pat Ast
Paul Morrissey
Produced By
Andy Warhol
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