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"Giant Spectacle of the World's Mightiest Men!"
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  • 1965
  • 1 hr 33 min
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Hercules, Samson and Ulysses is an Italian sword-and-sandal film from 1963, also known as Hercules, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus: gli invincibili (Hercules, Sampson, Maciste and Ursus: the Invincibles) in Italy. Directed by Carlo Campogalliani, this epic adventure chronicles the journey of three legendary heroes from ancient mythology who band together to defeat a powerful force of evil that threatens their lands.

Kirk Morris stars as Hercules, the strongest man in Greece, who is summoned by the King of Babylon to help him defeat the wicked Queen Omphale (Liana Orfei), who is terrorizing the region. Meanwhile, Iloosh Khoshabe plays Samson, the biblical hero with extraordinary strength who is living in captivity in the Babylonian prison. He manages to escape with the help of his cellmate, the crafty dwarf Ulysses.

Together, the three warriors embark on a perilous journey to stop the cruel queen and her army of fierce Amazons, all of whom are loyal to her. Along the way, they face countless obstacles, including treacherous mountains, raging rivers, and deadly traps. They also encounter a variety of exotic creatures, such as fire-breathing dragons and giant cyclops, that further test their fighting skills.

Despite their differences, Hercules, Samson, and Ulysses develop a strong affinity for each other and work seamlessly to overcome their foes. Using their combined power and wit, they succeed in defeating the queen and restoring peace to the land. In the end, they part ways, vowing to reunite again if ever the need arises.

Despite the film's relatively low budget, the action sequences are well choreographed, and the special effects are impressive considering the limitations of the era. The costumes and sets are also noteworthy, with the filmmakers making every effort to capture the authentic look and feel of the ancient world.

One of the highlights of the movie is the captivating performance of Liana Orfei as the evil queen. She is both seductive and menacing in equal measure, making her a formidable adversary for the heroes. Kirk Morris brings the perfect balance of strength and charisma to the role of Hercules, while Iloosh Khoshabe is convincing as the tormented, but determined, Samson.

The film's soundtrack, composed by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, is another standout feature. It perfectly captures the epic spirit of the movie, utilizing sweeping orchestral arrangements and thundering percussion to build tension and drama throughout the story.

Overall, Hercules, Samson and Ulysses is a fun, action-packed adventure that will appeal to fans of classic sword-and-sandal films. It may lack the complexity and depth of modern action movies, but it more than makes up for it with its sheer spectacle and entertainment value.

Hercules, Samson and Ulysses
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