Hotel de Love

"A comedy about the romantically challenged and passionately confused."
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The major characters in this Australian romantic comedy are fraternal twins Stephen (the smart stock broker) and Rick (the dashing but dense hotel manager), Jack and Edith (their bickering parents looking to repair their marriage), Melissa (the twins' competitive precious) and her fiance Norman, and the hotel whose dedication to romantic illusion goes to tacky extremes.

The emotional chaos approaches that of a French farce as Rick and Stephen, who have not seen Melissa in ten years when they both fell into teenage love with her, try to rekindle the romance while Melissa tries to convince herself that boring Norman is the right spouse for her.

| 1996 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.3/10 | 47/100
Aden Young, Saffron Burrows, Simon Bossell, Pippa Grandison
Pratt Films, Village Roadshow Pictures
Craig Rosenberg
Produced By
Peter Heller, Greg Coote, Graham Burke, Michael Lake, David Parker, Alex Waislitz, Heloise Waislitz
Hotel de Love
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Also directed by Craig Rosenberg