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"It's loose... It's angry... And it's getting hungry!"
  • R
  • 1982
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 4.8  (2,167)

Humongous is a 1982 horror movie directed by Paul Lynch and starring Janet Julian, David Wysocki, and John Wildman. The movie is set on an isolated island where a group of friends go on a weekend trip. The island was the site of a brutal murder 35 years ago, and the killer was never caught. As the friends start to explore the island, they realize that they are not alone.

The movie begins with a flashback to 35 years ago, when a young girl is brutally raped and murdered on the island. The killer is never caught, and the island becomes a place of fear and superstition. In present day, a group of friends decides to spend the weekend on the island. The friends include the wealthy Sandy (Janet Julian), her boyfriend Nick (David Wysocki), and their friends Donna (Janit Baldwin), Eric (John Wildman), and Carla (Joy Boushel).

As they arrive on the island, they encounter a man named Harry (John McFadyen) who warns them to leave the island as soon as possible. Harry tells them about the murder that happened 35 years ago and warns them that the killer may still be on the island. However, the friends ignore Harry's warning and continue their trip.

The group splits up to explore the island, and soon they start to experience strange occurrences. The first sign of trouble happens when Eric goes missing. The friends search for Eric, but they can't find him. They start to hear strange noises and see shadowy figures moving in the woods. The group realizes that they are being stalked by someone or something.

As the night falls, the group gathers in a cabin to discuss their situation. They soon realize that they are not safe, and they start to arm themselves with knives and other weapons. Sandy takes charge and comes up with a plan to escape from the island. However, as they try to leave the island, they realize that the killer is still on the loose, and they are in great danger.

Humongous is a classic horror movie that relies on suspense and atmosphere rather than cheap jump scares. The movie is well-paced, and the tension builds up slowly, creating an eerie atmosphere. The movie's setting on an isolated island adds to the overall feeling of dread and isolation. The movie's score is also worth mentioning, as it adds to the movie's suspense and creates a haunting atmosphere.

Janet Julian delivers a strong performance as Sandy, the protagonist of the movie. Sandy is a determined and resourceful character, and Julian portrays her with conviction. David Wysocki gives a believable performance as Nick, Sandy's boyfriend. John Wildman and Janit Baldwin are also convincing as Eric and Donna, the other members of the group.

Overall, Humongous is a must-see for horror fans who enjoy classic horror movies. The movie's suspenseful atmosphere, strong performances, and haunting score make it a timeless horror movie.

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    1 hr 34 min
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    4.8  (2,167)