Hussy is a dramatic film that was written and directed by Matthew Chapman and features Helen Mirren, John Shea and Paul Angelis. The rest of the cast includes Murray Salem, Daniel Chasin, Jenny Runacre, Patty Boulaye, Marika Rivera, Charles Yates, Hal Galili, Rupert Frazer, William Hootkins, April Olrich, Jill Melford, Sandy Ratcliff and Imogen Clair.

The movie follows Beaty Simons(played by Helen Mirren) who has returned to an old gig as an upscale hostess and prostitute at an underground cabaret and strip club. The life she leads has clearly taken its toll on her. The smoke filled bars she works in present a decidedly unpleasant portrait. She looks much older than she is, wearing very overdone makeup.

Beaty meets the mysterious Emory (played by John Shea), an American widower who is working as a lighting technician at the club. He takes a liking to her and manages to get her to reveal that she has a son who lives with her ex-husband, whom she only gets to see on weekends. Despite the fact that she is not prepared for a new relationship, they date and fall for each other anyway. However, he soon becomes very uncomfortable with how she earns a living.

When Max (played by Murray Salem), Emory's gay friend arrives, he wants to include Emory in an impending drug deal. Matters get even more complicated when Beaty's former and very abusive lover, perhaps pimp, Alex (played by Paul Angelis) arrives. He has an intimidating presence and has just been released from prison. The way he acts indicates he may have been in an insane asylum.

Alex terrifies everyone so much that they are constantly walking on eggshells when he is around, hoping to appease him so that he does not attack them. Beaty and Emory internalize their feelings from Alex.

| 1980 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.0/10
Helen Mirren, John Shea, Paul Angelis, Murray Salem
Matthew Chapman
Produced By
Don Boyd, Jeremy Watt
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Also directed by Matthew Chapman

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