I Me Wed

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Isabel Davies has held a pretty good life up until recently. She takes care of herself and her looks show it. She has tons of friends, and she has a knack for restoring houses and making them look amazing. She has also held down a great career, but she is 30 and her family and friends are starting to push the idea for her to find a husband.

After several bad blind dates, she throws up her hands and begins to spin a plan that will surely keep the wedding obsessed at bay. She will marry the one person who she knows is perfect for her. So she and a gay friend begin working on the preparations for her wedding to herself. By marrying herself she believes it will be a huge hit with single women everywhere.

However, in a turn of events, she starts dating her contractor's son. She comes to realize that he may be a better suitor than she is for herself. He's charming, got great looks, and he's intelligent. She begins to develop strong feelings for this man, and with the wedding date coming up she begins to feel the pressure.

Isabel decides that she should tell her boyfriend about her plans to marry herself. On several occasions she tries to tell him, but she gets so worked up with her infatuation of him that she doesn't see the opportunity to tell him. Eventually she announces on National TV that she in fact is planning on a marriage to herself. Her boyfriend sees her announcement and becomes furious with her.

When her boyfriend confronts her, he tells her how hurt he is that she did not tell him of her plans. Feeling as if everyone is looking at him and saying how he's the one who didn't want to marry his girlfriend he breaks up with her. Heartbroken comes to tough decision. Continue with her wedding or try and win back the man she loves.

| 2005 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.2/10
Erica Durance, Paul Popowich, Cara Pifko, Janet-Laine Green
Craig Pryce
Produced By
Jesse Prupas
I Me Wed
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Also starring Paul Popowich

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