I Want What I Want

"… to be a woman"
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"I Want What I Want" is an independent film based on the novel written by Geoff Brown. The movie is about Roy who doesn't feel right as a man, so he leaves his abusive father's house to become Wendy. Roy is played by Anne Heywood. Roy's father is played by Harry Andrews. Jill Bennett plays Margaret Stevenson. The movie was directed by Tony award winner John Dexter. The production company was Marayan and was made in the United Kingdom.

The movie was made at a time when there were few transgender storylines. While some of the storyline is considered simplistic by today's standards, there are some points that are completely correct. One of them is the covering of the fear that someone transgender goes through the first time that they go out in public en femme.

Roy has to leave his father's house after being caught fully dressed as a woman. When he gets to his new home, a neighbor discovers him dressed as a woman and terrorizes him. At the same time, this experience causes him to fully embrace Wendy. While there is fear, there is also hope.

| 1972 | | 6.1/10
Anne Heywood, Harry Andrews, Jill Bennett, Paul Rogers
John Dexter
I Want What I Want
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Also directed by John Dexter