In Desert and Wilderness

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"In Desert and Wilderness," originally titled as "W pustyni i w puszczy," is a Polish film from 1973 and is adapted from a Polish young adult novel from the 1910s. The story focuses on two children, Staś and Nel, who live in Egypt and become captured during the events of the Sudanese rebellion led by Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah. The film then follows their adventures as they try to survive and reunite with their parents.

"In Desert and Wilderness" features dialogue in the Polish language.

1973 | 3 hr 13 min | 6.1/10
Monika Rosca, Tomasz Medrzak, Edmund Fetting, Stanislaw Jasiukiewicz
Wadysaw lesicki, Henryk Sienkiewicz (novel}
Wadysaw lesicki
Produced By
Studio Filmowe (d. Zesp Filmowy) Iluzjon
In Desert and Wilderness
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