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  • 1939
  • 50 min
  • 5.5  (225)

Irish Luck is a delightful comic mystery film from 1939, blending elements of humor, adventure, and whodunit intrigue. The movie takes audiences on a playful ride, featuring the charismatic young actor Frankie Darro, the scene-stealing Mantan Moreland, and the dashing heroics of Dick Purcell. Directed with a nimble hand by Howard Bretherton, this film encapsulates the era's charm, wit, and innocent escapism.

The story revolves around Bellboy Buzzy O'Brien (played by Frankie Darro), a high-spirited and clever youngster with a penchant for detective work, much to the chagrin of his mother and the staff at the hotel where he works. Buzzy's enthusiasm for sleuthing often lands him in hot water, but it also places him in the middle of a gripping mystery when a series of perplexing events unfold at his workplace.

Jefferson (portrayed by the comedic genius Mantan Moreland) is Buzzy's best friend and equally reluctant sidekick, who often finds himself roped into Buzzy's harebrained schemes despite his cautious nature. Together, they make an entertaining pair, with Buzzy's fearless attitude bouncing off Jefferson's comic anxiety and impeccable timing.

The film opens with the routine bustle of a busy hotel as Buzzy hustles through his bellboy duties, always with one eye open for a chance to exercise his detective skills. Things take a turn for the exciting when Buzzy stumbles upon what he believes to be a clue to an unsolved crime. Despite warnings to stay out of trouble, Buzzy's insatiable curiosity propels him deeper into the mystery.

On the other side of the story is the dashing detective character played by Dick Purcell, who embodies the archetype of the seasoned but somewhat baffled lawman. Purcell's character finds himself reluctantly impressed with Buzzy's dogged pursuit of the truth, even as he tries to maintain control over an investigation that Buzzy seems determined to infiltrate.

Set against the backdrop of the bustling hotel, the movie paints a vivid picture of late 1930s society, showcasing the fashion, decor, and social mores of the time. However, the heart of Irish Luck lies in its playful exploration of the dynamic between its lead characters. The banter between Buzzy and Jefferson is a highlight, with Moreland's comedic skills offering a counterpoint to Darro's earnest performance.

As the plot unfolds, a host of eccentric and shady characters adds color to the narrative, each with their own motives and secrets. The hotel provides an ideal setting for a caper of this nature, with its warren of corridors, guest rooms, and hidden spaces providing ample opportunity for sneaking about and eavesdropping on suspects.

Amidst the comedic moments and detective work, there's also a thread of friendship and loyalty that runs through the film. Buzzy and Jefferson's relationship, although they constantly bump heads, is underpinned by a fundamental respect and camaraderie that endears them to the audience. Their partnership transcends the simple comic relief structure, delivering moments of genuine connection.

The film cleverly uses the "whodunit" structure to create tension and maintain the audience's interest. Clues are doled out incrementally, leading viewers through a maze of red herrings and potential culprits. The pacing is tight, and the screenplay smartly keeps the action moving forward, ensuring that there's never a dull moment.

Irish Luck finds an effective balance between the light-hearted and the dramatic, ensuring that while the stakes feel real, they never overshadow the film's sense of fun. Combining the allure of mystery storytelling with slapstick and banter, it makes for an entertaining experience that's typical of the period's genre blends.

Moreover, the movie is a testament to the era's filmmaking craftsmanship. Though working with what might be considered a modest budget by today's standards, the production team of Irish Luck manages to create a technically sound and visually appealing piece of cinema. Careful attention is paid to setting the scenes with appropriate costumes, props, and lighting, contributing to the overall ambiance.

In summary, Irish Luck stands as a fine example of Golden Age Hollywood's ability to weave stories that charm and entertain. With its cheeky humor, engaging plot, and memorable characters, it is a film that exemplifies the spirit of its time. For those who enjoy classic cinema, with all its quirks and mannerisms, this 1939 jewel offers a delightful blend of laughs and intrigue, making it a cozy addition to any movie lover's collection.

Irish Luck is a 1939 action movie with a runtime of 50 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.5.

Irish Luck
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