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  • 1979
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.6  (23)

Jeena Yahan is an Indian drama film released in 1979, directed by Basu Chatterjee and produced by Basu Bhattacharya. The film stars Shekhar Kapur, Shabana Azmi, Dina Pathak, and Sulabha Deshpande in lead roles. The film explores the urban middle-class life in Mumbai, with a focus on the themes of loneliness, love, and relationships. The movie revolves around the life of Rajan Mathur (Shekhar Kapur), a shy and introverted man who is working as a clerk in a bank. He lives alone in a small apartment, and his life is characterized by loneliness and monotony.

One day, Rajan meets Bulbul (Shabana Azmi), a vivacious and free-spirited woman who works in a nearby office. They strike up a conversation and quickly become friends. Bulbul introduces Rajan to her friends and helps him break out of his shell. Rajan starts enjoying his life more, develops romantic feelings for Bulbul, and proposes to her. Bulbul rejects his proposal, and Rajan is left heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Rajan's colleague Sushma (Sulabha Deshpande) has feelings for him but has never expressed them. She gets jealous of Bulbul's closeness with Rajan and tells him that Bulbul is not interested in him. Rajan confronts Bulbul, and they have a falling out. Bulbul later realizes her mistake and apologizes to Rajan, and they patch things up.

The film highlights the societal norms of the time, with women caught between pursuing their careers and fulfilling traditional gender roles. Dina Pathak plays the role of Rajan's mother, who pressures him to get married and settle down. She disapproves of Bulbul and urges Rajan to choose a more traditional woman.

The film's music is composed by Raj Kamal, and the lyrics are written by Yogesh. The songs are melodious and add to the film's feel. The film's cinematography is standardized, with simple camera work and plain backgrounds.

Jeena Yahan is a simple yet effective portrayal of human emotions and relationships, with realistic character portrayals and simplistic direction. The cinematography highlights the mundane aspects of life and urban settings. The film's message of living in the present moment and celebrating life is still relevant today. The film's acting performances by Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Kapur are noteworthy, and Dina Pathak delivers a compelling performance as Rajan's mother.

In conclusion, Jeena Yahan is a classic Indian film that explores the complexities of relationships and societal norms. The film's simple yet realistic portrayal of human emotions and relationships makes it timeless. The film's music, acting performances, and cinematography are noteworthy and add to the film's overall effectiveness. Jeena Yahan is a must-watch for those who appreciate realistic storytelling and character portrayal.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 33 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (23)