Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You for the Last Time

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  • TV-14
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 9 min
  • 7.8  (6,224)

Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You for the Last Time is a comedy special presented by the legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld in 1998. Directed by Marty Callner, the special was recorded at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City and released on VHS and DVD. The show itself is a culmination of Seinfeld's 14-year career as a stand-up comedian, with the special being billed as his final performance of all his old material before moving on to new material. As such, Seinfeld delivers some of his most iconic bits such as the airplane jokes, the observational humor, and the infamous "what's the deal with..." routine that has become a hallmark of his career.

What's particularly unique about this special is not just the material itself, but the way it was performed. Seinfeld has a mastery of the craft of stand-up comedy, and he manages to make old jokes feel fresh and new. He seems to be having a great time on stage, riffing off the audience and his old material in a way that is both skillful and entertaining.

One standout moment of the special is Seinfeld's riff on the word "soon". He plays with the word, stretching it out and saying it in a variety of ways until it becomes a hilarious joke all on its own. Similarly, his bit about pop-tarts takes what seems like a mundane topic and makes it side-splittingly funny.

Throughout the special, Seinfeld shows the incredible stage presence and timing that has made him one of the most well-known comedians of our time. He delivers his routine with an understated confidence and ease that makes the audience feel like they're just hanging out with a funny friend.

However, it's not just Seinfeld's performance that makes this special so enjoyable. The audience's enthusiasm is contagious, and it's evident that they are having a great time. Their laughter is thunderous and often drown out Seinfeld's jokes, giving the special a feeling of communal joy that only live comedy can provide.

The special is also notable for its clean humor. Seinfeld has always been known for his ability to be funny without resorting to crudeness or profanity, and this special is no exception. This makes it accessible to a wide range of audiences, which is perhaps why the jokes have stood the test of time and remain funny even today.

In addition to the actual performance, there are a few brief glimpses behind the scenes of the special. Seinfeld chats with a few members of the crew, demonstrating his friendly and down-to-earth personality.

Overall, Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You for the Last Time is a masterful performance by one of the greatest comedians of all time. It's a must-see for anyone who loves stand-up comedy or just enjoys a good laugh. The material may be old, but the performance is fresh and hilarious, and it's an excellent reminder of why Seinfeld is such an enduring and beloved comedic force.

Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You for the Last Time
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