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  • 2019
  • 1 hr 55 min
  • 5.5  (2,199)

The 2019 film "Junglee" is an action-thriller directed by Chuck Russell and starring Vidyut Jammwal, Lars Kjeldsen, and newcomer Asha Bhat. The movie follows the story of Raj (Jammwal), a globe-trotting veterinarian and former military man who returns to his father's elephant reserve in the jungles of India. However, his homecoming is undercut by a dangerous poaching operation led by Keshav (Kjeldsen), a ruthless gang leader.

As Raj attempts to stop the poachers from taking the elephants, he is aided by Meera (Bhat), a journalist who is investigating the same criminal operation. Together, Raj and Meera team up to save the elephants and bring the poachers to justice.

This film beautifully captures the enchanting flora and fauna of the Indian jungle, and the actors deliver strong performances that enhance the story. The elephant herds are depicted realistically, making it apparent that a lot of work went into the animal training and representation on screen.

Jammwal's portrayal of Raj, a fearless fighter with a deep connection to the animals, is a standout. His physical abilities and stunts are impressive, as he performs expertly choreographed fight scenes with ease. However, Jammwal's acting also shines through in the more emotive moments of the film, as his character grapples with personal demons and emotional turmoil.

Kjeldsen plays the film's primary antagonist, Keshav, and he does a great job of channeling the character's sadistic nature. Keshav is ruthless and cold-blooded, and the viewer feels a sense of dread whenever he appears on screen. He is a great foil for Raj, who represents everything that Keshav is not.

Bhat's Meera is a refreshing character, as she is both intelligent and confident. She has a significant role in the story, and the actress does justice to this fully fleshed-out character. The chemistry between Raj and Meera is palpable, and their interactions add an intriguing romantic angle to the storyline.

The film's message is clear: it implores us to protect wildlife and to respect nature. Raj is the epitome of this ideology, and he feels that humans have a responsibility to protect the animals that share our planet. The film's environmental message is balanced with action, and this makes for an exciting watch.

In terms of direction, Chuck Russell delivers a visually stunning movie that is sure to captivate audiences. The camera work is fantastic, showcasing the natural beauty of the jungle in detail. The action scenes are well-put-together, with clear editing and an overall sense of coherence.

The movie's climax is nothing short of exhilarating, with an epic battle that brings together all the film's different plotlines in a satisfying way. The choreography during the chase sequences is top-notch, and the use of slow-motion footage really elevates the climax.

The film's musical score by Sameer Uddin is a perfect complement to the visuals on screen. The music is stirring and adds an emotional undercurrent to the narrative. Uddin's ability to weave together different styles and genres results in a dynamic soundtrack that complements and amplifies the movie's message.

Overall, "Junglee" is an exceptional action film that stands out for its commitment to conservation and the depiction of the Indian ecosystem. The story is engaging, and the performances of the lead actors carry the film admirably. Chuck Russell's direction results in a well-crafted movie that will leave the viewer entertained and enlightened. The film is an ode to the majesty of the elephant and offers hope that humans can learn to live in harmony with nature.

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