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"That slick sleuth...Mike Shayne...is at it again"
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  • 1942
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Just Off Broadway is a 1942 musical film directed by Herbert I. Leeds and starring Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver, and Phil Silvers. The movie is about a group of Broadway performers who are struggling to find work in the middle of the Great Depression. The film begins with a group of struggling performers rehearsing for their upcoming show. The cast includes Nicky Grant (played by Nolan), a tough-talking producer who is trying to save his failing show; his girlfriend Letty Lane (played by Weaver), a talented singer who is frustrated with her lack of success; and Maxie Fields (played by Silvers), a young comedian who is eager to make it big.

Despite their passion and determination, the group is constantly facing setbacks and challenges. Maxie struggles with his comedic timing and fails to impress the producers, while Letty is constantly overlooked for lead roles in favor of more established actresses. Nicky, meanwhile, is plagued by financial problems and must find a way to keep the show afloat.

As the group prepares for opening night, tensions run high and relationships are tested. Letty's ex-boyfriend, a wealthy businessman named Arthur Lawrence, offers to finance the show in exchange for Letty's hand in marriage. Letty is torn between her love for Nicky and her desire for financial security.

The film includes several musical numbers, including a lively song and dance routine featuring Silvers and a sultry performance by Weaver. Despite their talent, the performers struggle to fill the seats on opening night.

Just Off Broadway is a snapshot of life during the Great Depression, and the challenges faced by those in the entertainment industry. The film captures the spirit of a generation who refused to give up on their dreams, even in the face of adversity.

Overall, Just Off Broadway is an entertaining and heartfelt musical that showcases the talents of its cast. Nolan delivers a standout performance as the tough-talking producer with a heart of gold, while Weaver and Silvers bring their own unique charm to the film. The musical numbers are well-choreographed and catchy, and the film's message of perseverance and hope is timeless.

Just Off Broadway
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