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"Be good or be dead!"
  • R
  • 1979
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 7.0  (1,697)

In 1979, a martial arts classic hit the big screen - Kid with the Golden Arm. Directed by Chang Cheh and starring a cast of iconic martial artists, the movie quickly became a cult favorite. The plot revolves around a group of bandits who are searching for a map that will lead them to a hidden treasure. They have already killed many people who were in possession of the map, but their search is interrupted when a young man with a golden arm arrives in town.

The main protagonist, ‘Kid with the Golden Arm’, is a young fighter who is seeking to prove his skills. He has a rare condition - his right arm is made of solid gold, which gives him a unique advantage in combat. Kid is seeking to join Master Qi’s gang, which is the only group standing in the way of the bandits and the treasure.

Kid is not alone in his quest, as the Master and his other disciples try to protect the map at all costs. The group is quickly faced with a series of challenges and battles, as the bandits will stop at nothing to obtain the treasure.

In a typical Chang Cheh fashion, the film is full of stunning martial arts scenes, in which the characters display their strength, agility and advanced fighting techniques. The fights are choreographed to show the characters’ personalities, as well as to highlight their different techniques and special traits. The Master and Kid both use their golden arms in unique ways, and use this unique feature to outsmart and overpower their opponents.

One of the most iconic scenes is the final fight between Kid and the bandit leader. The two engage in an intense, brutal and lengthy fight, which showcases their impressive fighting skills. From hand-to-hand combat to weapons, this final fight is a masterpiece of martial arts cinema.

The cast is made up of some of the most talented martial artists of the time, including Chien Sun, Feng Lu and Meng Lo. The actors have excellent chemistry, which makes their interactions even more enjoyable to watch.

The movie is well-shot and visually impressive, with stunning cinematography that accentuates both the scenery and the characters’ movements. The scenery is diverse and includes mountains, forests, and temples, which provides different settings for the fight scenes.

Overall, Kid with the Golden Arm is an integral part of martial arts cinema, and its influence can be seen in many modern-day martial arts movies. The movie is a thrilling, action-packed adventure with some of the most iconic fight scenes in cinema history. Fans of martial arts cinema will not want to miss this classic.

In conclusion, Kid with the Golden Arm is a must-see for fans of martial arts and action movies. Its excellent cast, well-choreographed fight scenes and stunning cinematography make it a true classic of the genre. If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling adventure, with amazing martial arts fights, then Kid with the Golden Arm is the perfect movie for you.

Kid with the Golden Arm
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    1 hr 26 min
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    7.0  (1,697)