Kidsongs: I Can Dance

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"Kids, Songs"
  • 1998
  • 30 min

Kidsongs: I Can Dance is a 30-minute musical film that follows a group of talented kids as they sing and dance their way through a variety of catchy tunes. The film is hosted by four young performers - Cheri Avalos, Asa Karsten Bernstine, Tiffany Burton, and Krista Lea Coney - who introduce each song and provide some lighthearted banter between performances.

The film starts off with a high-energy dance number to the title track, "I Can Dance." The kids show off their impressive moves as they sing about the joy of dancing. This is followed by a fun rendition of "Walking on Sunshine," complete with colorful outfits and a vibrant set. The film continues with a mix of upbeat pop songs and classic tunes from decades gone by, including "I Am a Fine Musician" and "Down by the Station."

One of the highlights of Kidsongs: I Can Dance is the group's performance of "The Hokey Pokey." The kids have a blast singing and dancing along with this classic children's song, and the infectious energy is sure to get viewers up and moving along. There's also a lively version of "The Chicken Dance," complete with silly costumes and some on-screen instructions for viewers who may not be familiar with the dance.

In addition to the musical performances, the film features some fun comedic skits and interludes. At one point, the hosts play a game of "Simon Says" with the audience, leading to some amusing hijinks. There's also a bit where the kids imagine what it would be like to be a backup dancer for a famous pop star, with comical results.

Throughout the film, the kids showcase their impressive dance skills, and viewers are sure to be impressed by their choreography and stage presence. The choreography often incorporates fun props, such as colorful scarves or oversized hats, which add to the visual appeal of the performances.

Overall, Kidsongs: I Can Dance is a fun-filled musical extravaganza that's sure to delight viewers of all ages. With its upbeat songs, lively dance numbers, and charming hosts, it's a great choice for a family movie night or as a way to get kids up and dancing.

Kidsongs: I Can Dance
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