Kill Speed

"Live Fast Or Die Trying"
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Kill Speed is about three wild-child best friends and their team of experts that together ride high speed, experimental airplanes, and equally as fast muscle cars, to traffic Mexican made crystal meth to the California coastline. The film begins with a high action scene, in which the men ride past a police officer, who is metering traffic speeds out in the desert, and as soon as the team travel past, the officer’s car is tipped over. With speed like that, the title of the film should come as no surprise.

While, their life is edgy, and dangerous for the most part all seems to be going fairly well. The team is making a profit, seems to have decent business relations, and have a life style that anyone would envy. However, when a new woman enters the scene, jealousy and rivalry ensue. In addition, all is put to the test as these men are forced to not only test their friendship but also their judgment as not everything she says is as it seems...

Meanwhile, as these three best friends fuel their rock star lifestyle by even more outrageous means, tensions flair between the authorities that attempt to crack down on the trafficking business. Can the men’s technology, speed, and expertise outlast the law or will they get captured by the DEA? However, the biggest fear is not the law authorities, but rather rival traffickers and gang members that wish for the market to have less competition by any means necessary, including torture and murder. Tensions become even higher, as the men seek to rescue a man that the Mexican cartel has come to possess.

Filled with not expected twists, suspense, and nail-biting action, this film does manage to live up to its slogan, “Higher. Faster. Harder.“ As the money builds up and the stakes only seem to be getting higher, the viewer is taken on a thrill ride with Kill Speed.

| 2010 | 1 hr 53 min | 3.9/10
Andrew Keegan, Brandon Quinn, Natalia Cigliuti, Nick Carter
Kim Bass
Produced By
Kim Bass, Kevin Alexander Heard, Deanna Shapiro
Kill Speed
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Also directed by Kim Bass

Also starring Andrew Keegan