Killing the Colorado

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  • 2016
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 7.2  (26)

Killing the Colorado is a 2016 documentary film that delves into the dire water crisis that is currently underway in the Western United States. Directed by Peter McBride and produced by Patagonia Films, the film explores the causes and consequences of the water crisis, and how it has been exacerbated by climate change, mismanagement, and political and economic interests.

The documentary takes its name from the Colorado River, which stretches from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of California, providing water for millions of people and vast agricultural lands. However, in recent decades, the river has been under stress due to drought, overuse, and pollution. The film investigates the complex web of factors that have led to this crisis, including population growth, urbanization, farming, mining, and energy production.

Through the use of stunning cinematography, interviews with experts and stakeholders, and data visualizations, Killing the Colorado offers a comprehensive understanding of the water crisis and its impact on the environment, economy, and society. The film features interviews with scientists, activists, policy-makers, and farmers who share their perspectives on the challenges facing the Colorado River Basin and the urgent need for action.

One of the key themes of the film is the tension between the demand for water and the limited supply of it. The film shows how various interests, such as urban water users and agricultural communities, compete for the limited water resources, often at the expense of other users and the environment. The film highlights the need for water conservation, efficiency, and innovation, as well as the importance of collaboration and dialogue among different stakeholders.

Another important aspect of the film is the emphasis on the relationship between water and climate change. The film shows how global warming is causing the Colorado River Basin to become drier and warmer, exacerbating the water crisis and threatening the ecosystem. The film also highlights the role of energy production, particularly the extraction of oil and gas from shale formations, in consuming and polluting water resources.

Killing the Colorado also addresses the political challenges of managing water in the American West, where water rights and laws are a patchwork of federal, state, and local regulations. The film shows how these laws and policies have often perpetuated unsustainable practices and led to conflicts among stakeholders. The film argues that a more integrated and adaptive approach to water management is needed, one that takes into account the ecological, social, and economic dimensions of water.

Overall, Killing the Colorado is a thought-provoking and visually stunning documentary that tackles one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. It provides a compelling and nuanced understanding of the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin and challenges us all to think critically and creatively about how we can address this complex problem.

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