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  • 1997
  • 2 hr 21 min
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"Korukunna Priyudu" is a romantic Telugu film released in 1997. The movie features Brahmanandam, Prama, and Naveen Vadde in prominent roles. Directed by Muthyala Subbaiah and with music composed by Vandemataram Srinivas, this film takes audiences on a delightful journey of love, relationships, and the complexities of societal norms.

The story revolves around Naveen (Naveen Vadde), a young and educated man from a traditional family. Despite being raised in an orthodox household with conservative values, Naveen possesses a progressive mindset. His ideology and perspectives towards life differ greatly from those of his family members. Naveen becomes disillusioned with the idea of arranged marriage and yearns for a love-based relationship.

Prama plays the character of Priya, a confident and independent woman with modern views. She enters Naveen's life as an exciting breath of fresh air, challenging his perceptions and igniting a spark within him. The two soon develop strong feelings for each other and embark on a journey to convince their families that love should be the foundation of any relationship.

Brahmanandam, a renowned comedian, plays a pivotal role in the movie. Known for his impeccable comic timing, Brahmanandam adds the much-needed humor and light-heartedness to the narrative. His character contributes to the conflict and drama that unfolds as Naveen's and Priya's families struggle to accept their love.

The film beautifully explores the complexities surrounding love and societal expectations. It sheds light on the struggles faced by individuals who dare to challenge age-old traditions and norms. The characters' emotions and dilemmas are portrayed with depth and sensitivity, allowing the audience to empathize and connect with them.

The music of "Korukunna Priyudu" is one of its highlights. Vandemataram Srinivas's melodious compositions perfectly complement the storyline and enhance the overall viewing experience. The songs are a mix of soulful melodies and foot-tapping numbers, ensuring a captivating musical journey.

The cinematography captures the scenic beauty of both rural and urban settings, as the story unfolds across different backdrops. The visuals enhance the emotions portrayed on screen, creating a visually appealing spectacle. The director's skillful storytelling keeps the viewers engaged throughout the film, blending romance, drama, and comedy seamlessly.

"Korukunna Priyudu" is a heartfelt tale that touches upon various social issues. It addresses the importance of personal choice, breaking free from societal constraints, and embracing love and human connection. The film is a reminder that love knows no boundaries and has the power to conquer all obstacles.

Overall, "Korukunna Priyudu" is an entertaining and thought-provoking film that combines romance, comedy, and drama in an engaging manner. With its strong performances, memorable music, and compelling storyline, it remains a popular choice among Telugu film enthusiasts. The movie's exploration of love, relationships, and societal norms makes it relatable to audiences even years after its release. So, dive into this charming love story and experience the magic of "Korukunna Priyudu."

Korukunna Priyudu is a 1997 drama with a runtime of 2 hours and 21 minutes.

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