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"The power on earth."
  • 2008
  • 6.3  (820)

Krishna is a 2008 Telugu action-comedy film directed by V. V. Vinayak and starring Ravi Teja, Trisha Krishnan, and Brahmanandam. The story revolves around an energetic and mischievous young man named Krishna, who is often embroiled in fights but has a good heart. Krishna's life takes a turn when he rescues a rich businessman's daughter, Priya, played by Trisha, from kidnappers. Priya falls in love with Krishna, but he rebuffs her advances as he is more interested in playing pranks and teasing his friends. However, when Priya's father is threatened by a gangster named Tarakeshwari played by Mukesh Rishi, Krishna decides to help him.

To fight Tarakeshwari's gang, Krishna transforms himself into an undercover police officer named Tiger. He joins Tarakeshwari's gang and slowly works his way up to become one of the key members, gaining their trust and confidence. In the course of his mission, Krishna also uncovers a multi-million dollar drug ring that Tarakeshwari is running.

The film is a classic masala movie, with a mix of action, romance, and humor. Ravi Teja's portrayal of Krishna is energetic and lively, and he brings humor and wit to the character. Trisha also delivers a noteworthy performance as the charming and determined Priya, who is smitten by Krishna's antics.

One of the highlights of the film is the chemistry between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam, who plays Krishna's loyal friend and sidekick. Brahmanandam's impeccable comic timing and Ravi Teja's energy create several laugh-out-loud moments.

The movie's action sequences are well choreographed and complement the story without being over the top. The film's climax is a high-octane face-off between Krishna and Tarakeshwari, which keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The music of the film, composed by Chakri, is also noteworthy, with foot-tapping tunes and memorable lyrics. The song "Nuvvante Naakistamani" sung by Shankar Mahadevan stands out for its catchy lyrics and peppy beats.

In conclusion, Krishna is an enjoyable and entertaining movie that will keep the audience engaged throughout. Ravi Teja's charisma and energy, coupled with Trisha's charm, create a perfect blend of romance and action. The film's humor and comedy, brought to life by Brahmanandam's impeccable comic timing, make it a complete package. Overall, Krishna is a must-watch for fans of Telugu cinema and a great introduction for those new to the genre.

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