La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro

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This is a dramatic movie about a writer who has retired. He lives in isolation, with only his dog and housekeeper. He has decided to write his memoirs and prefers solitude while he reviews his life and former marriage. His life is interrupted when his niece shows up with a friend to write an article about him. The niece’s mother calls to warn him that her friend is a problem. He has already discovered this for himself, but thanks her for the advice. She also tells him his former wife has died and their children want nothing to do with him.

1980 | 1 hr 45 min | 5.4/10
Victoria Abril, Lautaro MurĂșa, Hilda Vera, Perla Vonasek
Vicente Aranda
Produced By
Jos Antonio Perez Giner, Carlos Durn
La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro
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