If They Tell You I Fell

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Based on a popular Spanish novel, the city of Barcelona is the backdrop for this drama that is told through a series of flashbacks to different eras of Spanish history. Java is a young man who is struggling in the economic downturn that followed the Spanish Civil War. As Java's brother, Marcos hides away in the grounds of the family home pining for his lost girlfriend Java becomes obsessed with a local prostitute, Ramona. The story of how Marcos came to be an anarchist and see his life changed by the Civil War is also explained.

Not Rated
| 1989 | 2 hr | 5.8/10
Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz, Antonio Banderas, Javier Gurruchaga
Vicente Aranda
Produced By
Enrique Viciano
If They Tell You I Fell
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Also starring Jorge Sanz