Clara es el Precio

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This wonderfully made motion picture tells a tale of love, lust, and greed. Clara and her husband, Juan, live on the beautiful Costa Brava, in Spain. They have a seemingly perfect marriage and it seems as though nothing can go wrong. Juan is an architect who has put until fruition a plan to develop a wonderful piece of structural design. While his dreams are big, the project doesn't seem to be moving forward. To help with the finances at home, Clara secretly gets a job as a porn actress for underground productions. However, she is on the verge of being blackmailed by a man who threatens to tell Clara's husband what she's been doing.

1975 | 1 hr 41 min | 4.8/10
Juan Luis Galiardo, Máximo Valverde, Amparo Muñoz, Alejandro Ulloa
Vicente Aranda
Produced By
Jaime Fernndez Cid
Clara es el Precio
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