Lady Cop & Papa Crook

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This is a Chinese crime film about a criminal and a female police officer, who join forces to solve a case of kidnapping. One day a corrupt diesel kingpin by the name of John Fok has his life turned upside down when his son Jimmy goes missing. The kidnappers set a ransom of 80 million dollars. Not wanting to pay the ransom, John wishes to form a team of family members or close friends to search for his son. John is also working with a female cop named Szeto. She warns him against his plan, informing him that in most cases the kidnappers are found to be either a family member or a close friend. John decides to collaborate his family with Szeto and the Hong Kong police department. The two adversaries aren't very thrilled about the idea but differences are put aside to find the child.

2009 | 1 hr 32 min | 5.2/10
Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan, Guoli Zhang, Yong Dong
Media Asia Films Ltd.China Film Media AsiaBeijing Silver DreamPop Movies
Alan Mak, Felix Chong
Produced By
John Chong
Lady Cop & Papa Crook
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