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  • 2009
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 5.3  (338)

Lady Cop & Papa Crook is a 2008 Hong Kong comedy-drama film directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. The movie is about a mother and daughter duo who have opposing careers - one is a police officer, Lady (Sammi Cheng), and the other is a notorious criminal, Papa (Eason Chan). Lady is a police officer who is determined to bring down Papa and his gang of criminals who run a notorious syndicate. Lady's dedication to her job and her desire to catch Papa fuels her pursuit of the criminals. At the same time, Papa is struggling to keep his family together and steer his criminal enterprise towards more legitimate activities.

The story begins with an amusing encounter between Lady and Papa. Lady is caught suspecting Papa's involvement in a robbery, which she is investigating. Papa manages to charm his way out of the situation, leaving Lady dumbfounded. Lady's superiors think she's not good enough to lead the case and assign her a partner, Kevin (Guoli Zhang).

The rest of the movie follows the cat and mouse game between Lady, Papa, Kevin, and the rest of the gang members. The gangsters and Lady's colleagues become aware of the relationship between Papa and Lady, and this puts Lady's career and personal life in danger. At the same time, Lady discovers that her father was a criminal, and this leads her to take the case more personally.

Lady and Kevin's pursuit of Papa and his criminal activities brings them to Macau, where they encounter various obstacles. The climax of the movie takes place on a casino cruise, where the various characters confront each other in a dramatic showdown.

The movie is not just about Lady's pursuit of justice and Papa's desire to keep his criminal activities under wraps. It also explores themes of family, loyalty, and the gray areas that exist between good and evil. Papa is a character that viewers may find themselves sympathizing with, even as they condemn his actions. Lady, on the other hand, is fiercely determined to do her job, but her personal relationships may get in the way.

The movie has a star-studded cast, with Sammi Cheng and Eason Chan being the main highlights. They have great chemistry and complement each other's roles perfectly. Guoli Zhang provides comedic relief and adds a touch of romance to the story. The rest of the cast does justice to their roles, and the movie has a great balance of comedy and drama.

The cinematography and production design are top-notch, capturing the glitz and glamour of Macau's casinos and the gritty reality of Hong Kong's criminal underworld. The music is also a highlight and adds to the overall mood of the movie.

Overall, Lady Cop & Papa Crook is an entertaining movie that blends comedy, drama, and action. The movie does not rely on crude humor or mindless action, but instead offers a thoughtful approach to its characters and themes. The movie is a great watch for fans of Hong Kong cinema and anyone looking for a fun, yet meaningful, movie experience.

Lady Cop & Papa Crook
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    5.3  (338)