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  • 1932
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Law and Order is a classic western film from 1932 featuring three legendary actors of the era, Walter Huston, Harry Carey, and Raymond Hatton. The story follows two Texas Rangers, Frame Johnson (played by Carey) and his partner Rusty Rivers (played by Hatton), as they are sent to Tombstone, Arizona to bring a notorious outlaw, the Garringo Kid (played by Huston), to justice. Tombstone is depicted as a town overrun by violence and lawlessness, with corrupt officials and a dangerous gang run by a man named Big Ed (played by Russell Simpson) controlling nearly everything.

The movie opens with an action-packed scene of the Garringo Kid and his gang robbing a stagecoach, showing their ruthlessness and skill with firearms. It then cuts to a meeting between Texas Rangers Frame and Rusty, who are given the task of apprehending the Garringo Kid after he is rumored to have fled to Tombstone. The two rangers arrive in Tombstone and quickly realize they are walking into a hornet's nest of corruption and danger.

The majority of Law and Order takes place in Tombstone, with the Rangers attempting to track down the Garringo Kid while also trying to navigate the corrupt authorities and stay alive in a town where every person seems to have a gun. Along the way, they meet a cast of colorful characters, including a saloon girl (played by Beryl Mercer) who helps them unravel the mystery of the Garringo Kid's true identity and motives.

The tension builds as the Rangers come closer and closer to finding the Garringo Kid, and the gang becomes increasingly desperate and violent in their attempts to silence them. The climactic showdown between the two sides is a thrilling and bloody affair, with gunfire and explosions ripping through the streets of Tombstone.

One of the interesting aspects of Law and Order is its portrayal of law enforcement and the justice system of the time. The movie highlights the difficulties faced by lawmen who are trying to do the right thing in a lawless land, with corrupt officials often hindering their progress. Despite this, the Rangers are shown as determined and heroic, willing to risk their lives to bring justice to an area in desperate need of it.

Another notable aspect of Law and Order is its gritty and realistic portrayal of violence. Unlike many westerns of its time, the movie doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of life in the Old West, with multiple scenes of brutal gunfights and close-ups of people being shot and killed. The violence is never glorified, however, and is always presented as a tragic and senseless part of life in a lawless land.

Overall, Law and Order is a well-crafted and exciting western that still holds up today. The performances by Walter Huston, Harry Carey, and Raymond Hatton are all top-notch, and the movie's themes of justice and corruption are still relevant today. It's a must-see for fans of classic westerns and anyone interested in the history of the Old West.

Law And Order
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