Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel

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  • 1970
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.3  (41)

Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel is a French film from 1970 that explores themes of love, passion and desire in the aristocratic society of 1920s France. The movie stars Jean-Claude Brialy as the Count d'Orgel, Sylvie Fennec as his wife, and Bruno Garcin as a young man who becomes enamored with her. The film follows the Count and his wife as they attend various parties and events in their social circle. Their marriage is one of convenience, and they appear to have grown apart over time. Meanwhile, the young man, François de Passavant (Garcin), is attracted to the Countess and becomes increasingly infatuated with her.

As the story unfolds, François attempts to win the Countess over, but she remains aloof and distant. He becomes more and more desperate in his pursuit of her, even as the Count grows suspicious of his intentions. The tension between the characters builds throughout the film, leading to a dramatic finale.

One of the key themes of the film is the way in which social status and class impact relationships. The Count and Countess are depicted as being trapped by their social positions and the expectations of their peers. François, on the other hand, represents a new generation who are less bound by tradition and more interested in pursuing their own desires.

Despite its luxurious setting and lavish costumes, the film is also marked by a sense of melancholy and a critique of the superficiality of the aristocratic lifestyle. The characters appear to be constantly searching for meaning and fulfillment, but ultimately find themselves feeling empty and unfulfilled.

The performances in the film are exceptional, particularly that of Brialy as the Count d'Orgel. He conveys a sense of world-weariness and resignation, while also hinting at a deeper emotional conflict that is never fully explored. Fennec is also excellent as the Countess, conveying a sense of quiet strength and resilience that makes her a compelling character.

The film is notable for its visual style, which is marked by a sense of elegance and sophistication. The cinematography is beautiful, with each shot carefully composed to create a sense of balance and symmetry. The costumes and set design are also outstanding, evoking the opulence and decadence of the era.

Overall, Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores complex themes of love, desire, and class. It is a must-see for fans of French cinema, as well as anyone interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships.

Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel
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    1 hr 35 min
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    5.3  (41)