Le Coup Du Berger

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  • 1956
  • 28 min
  • 7.0  (1,010)

Le Coup Du Berger is a French black-and-white movie from 1956 that follows the story of Marie-Thérèse (Virginie Vitry), a young woman who works as a clerk at a bank in Paris. The movie was directed by Jacques Rivette, and it stars Anne Doat (as Véronique) and Jacques Doniol-Valcroze (as Daniel) in supporting roles.

The movie opens with Marie-Thérèse daydreaming about her future while working at the bank. She imagines being proposed to by her boyfriend, François (played by Jean-Claude Brialy), and celebrating her engagement with her colleagues. However, her daydream is interrupted by her mean-spirited boss, Monsieur Gaudin (played by André Certes), who reprimands her for not paying enough attention to her work.

Feeling bored and unfulfilled with her life, Marie-Thérèse decides to play a practical joke on her colleague Véronique, who is always bragging about her relationship with Daniel. Marie-Thérèse sends Véronique a love letter supposedly written by Daniel, asking her to meet him at a café. However, Marie-Thérèse plans to show up instead of Daniel to embarrass Véronique and prove that her relationship is fake.

Marie-Thérèse's plan works, and Véronique is humiliated when she realizes that Daniel did not write the letter. However, things take an unexpected turn when Marie-Thérèse and Daniel meet at the café and start talking. They realize that they have a lot in common and agree to go on a date. Marie-Thérèse is excited by the prospect of a new relationship, but she still has feelings for François and is torn between the two men.

As Marie-Thérèse starts dating Daniel, she becomes more confident and adventurous. They go to concerts and art exhibitions together and have deep conversations about their interests and aspirations. However, their relationship is threatened when François discovers that Marie-Thérèse is seeing someone else. François confronts Daniel and tells him that Marie-Thérèse is not serious about their relationship and is only using him as a rebound.

Feeling angry and hurt, Daniel breaks up with Marie-Thérèse, and she is devastated. She realizes that she has lost the two men that she cared about and that her practical joke had unintended consequences. Marie-Thérèse's boss, Monsieur Gaudin, takes advantage of her vulnerable state and tries to take advantage of her. However, François comes to her rescue and helps her escape from Monsieur Gaudin's apartment.

The movie ends with Marie-Thérèse reflecting on her experiences and realizing that she needs to be more honest and truthful with herself and others. She realizes that she cannot continue to play games and hurt people without consequences. The final scene shows Marie-Thérèse walking along the Seine river, contemplating her future, and wondering what lies ahead.

Overall, Le Coup Du Berger is a charming and entertaining movie that explores themes of love, deception, and self-discovery. The performances by Virginie Vitry, Anne Doat, and Jacques Doniol-Valcroze are excellent, and the movie is beautifully shot and well-directed. Fans of French New Wave cinema and romantic comedies will appreciate this film's timeless appeal and emotional resonance.

Le Coup Du Berger
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